Welcome to Gavins Point Veterinary Services! We are

pleased to provide a variety

of services for livestock

and domestic pets. 






For small animals includes a comprehensive exam to ensure your

pet is the healthiest they can be and

address any found health concerns. 



It is our personal mission to keep your pets, livestock, and horses

up to date with the current

medical recommendations

for vaccinations to ensure the healthiest animals we can obtain. 



Small animal: Includes all routine spay

and neuter procedures. Along with

some specialty surgery as needed. 

Livestock: C-sections, displaced abomasum, along with any other

specialty surgery as needed. 


Limited to day emergency care for small animals as our practice can accommodate. If the emergency is more involved than

we are equipped to handle you will be referred to the appropriate veterinary hospital. Large animal emergencies accommodated as available. 



Limited to baths (medical

and regular), brush out,

and nail clipping. 



A variety of services including x-ray, pregnancy ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics, and in clinic diagnostics.



Limited services to include routine vaccinations, deworming, health

papers, coggins, and minor

health problems or injuries.



A variety of services and products available for cow/calf, feedlot, dairy, sheep, goats, and hogs. Cattle services- surgery, reproductive services including ultrasound pregnancy checks which allows for earlier pregnancy determinations and is safer for the pregnancy, vaccination and health protocols, vaccine and medicine available in store or on farm, bull breeding soundness including semen checking, necropsy and diagnostics... and much more, if there is something your are wanting give

us a call and we will provide you with the up to date information to help you accomplish your needs.

Sheep/goats services- surgery, ultrasound pregnancy, vaccination and health protocols/services

Hog services- surgery, ultrasound pregnancy, health services.



1103 West 2nd Street

Crofton, NE 68730

Email: gavinspointvet@gmail.com
Tel:  605-956-7756


Monday - Doctor available for appointment from 9am-4pm, doors close at 5 pm. 

Tuesday - Doctor available for appointments 9am-4pm, doors close at 5 pm.

Wednesday - No doctor appointments available, but available for open hour emergencies. Technician appointments available all day as well as product sales.

Open 8:30am- 5pm

Thursday - Doctor available for appointments 9am- 5pm, doors close at 5:30pm.

Friday - No doctor appointments available,

but available for open hour emergencies. Technician appointments available until 1pm

as well as product sales. Open 8:30am- 1pm.

Closed Saturday and Sunday - Only livestock emergencies available after hours

and on weekends. 




Gavins Point Vet is your local livestock and pet medical provider. We are available to service all livestock needs (cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs), and most routine small animal care including surgery, x-ray, bloodwork, vaccinations, and health check ups. We also can provide limited routine care for horses and bees! We are available 5 days a week for the sales of products,

the doctor is available by appointment 3 days a week and for small animal emergency

during the day. Doctor is available 24 hours a day for livestock emergencies. 

Meet the Doctor: Dr. Bailey Lammers

Dr. Bailey Lammers is from North Bend, NE originally and has had a passion for animals big and small since she was a little girl. She grew up loving the farm and livestock animals with

lots of time spent on the family pig farm taking care of the baby pigs. She also gained a lot

of interest in cattle as high school and college approached with an active membership

in the 4-H and FFA showing market steers and heifers.

Dr. Bailey started out her career by enlisting in the United States Air Force for 4 years where she served as an Air Traffic Controller. This time was valuable to serve our country and learn lots of life lessons! During her time in the Air Force she married Austin who had followed her around the United States for 3 years! After her time in the Air Force, her and Austin returned to Lincoln, NE to finish her undergraduate degree at University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelors of Animal Science with a pre-vet emphasis. This time was also spent with numerous hours in a cattle reproduction lab where she developed a passion for cow/calf and genetics. Dr. Bailey applied to the Nebraska and Iowa State veterinary school and was accepted for the fall of 2011. Dr. Bailey graduated from Iowa States veterinary school in 2015 with an emphasis in large animals. She has practiced veterinary medicine since 2015 with a lot of experience

in livestock and pet medicine. The story isn't complete without the mention of Austin and Bailey's arrival of their first born this past spring. She is amazing and the apple of their eye!


The Lammers have a few critters of their own: two dogs, Wrangler and Cinch, a cat named Sam, 2 ducks, 10 chickens, and Lily, the longhorn heifer who is our pet. Fun fact, the Gavins Point Vet logo is of Lily the longhorn and Cinch!

Meet our Technician: Sadie Kalin

Sadie Kalin is our Licensed Veterinary Technician. She is a native of Bloomfield Nebraska.

Like many other farm-raised kids she immediately developed a love for animals. This led

her to obtaining an AAS Degree in Veterinary Technology from Northeast Community College in 2013. Right after college she completed the Veterinary Technician National Exam to

become licensed. Working full time ever since, she now joins our team with 6+ years

of experience in the veterinary field. 

Currently, Sadie and her husband Aaron reside on a farm in Hartington Nebraska. Their

family grew by one little girl in 2018. That little girl is being raised along side the family's

small cow-calf herd, three horses, a German Shepherd “Falco", a Blue Heeler

“Smoke", and “Peanut" the cat.

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